Do you have a KindleNook, or other e-reader?  I never wanted one, because I love books.  I love to turn the pages and hold the books in my hands.  Last year, I gave in and bought a basic Kindle (no lights, fire, HD, or anything).  I've been amazed at all the free books we've gotten and enjoyed reading. 

They're great for homeschooling because I can bring it with us wherever we go.  Waiting at doctors appointments and traveling has turned into great reading time.  My child did all his literature reading on Kindle last year, and will again this year.  His British Literature books will all be added FREE to the Kindle.  Well be traveling a lot during his senior year and the Kindle saves a lot of packing room.  All of the books would fill up our Civic quickly. 
Even literature study guides are online for free.  A quick google search brought me numerous choices.  Some of them will be a mixture of ideas from different resources.  Even those that aren't Christian can be supplemented.  You just need to take a little time to plan how you could add a Christian perspective to your lesson plans.  Don't be afraid to use your own Biblical knowledge and common sense to revise any curriculum resource.  You can turn any resource into one that fits your worldview.
Because we do literature and history in a Charlotte Mason style, I don't feel the need to purchase an expensive curriculum based on a Biblical worldview.  The Charlotte Mason (we love SimplyCharlotteMason) approach has been great for us.  We love to discuss what we've read and our worldview comes into these discussions.  This is why I really love History Odyssey from Pandia Press.  I always purchase the e-book (downloaded instantly from their website).  The program is neutral and very easy to use.  My child writes a lot of summaries and we discuss everything together.  Of course, its easy because he's a senior in high school, but still loves to learn and talk about what he's learning.
I know I've been rambling on, but I do love my Kindle and how much money I'm saving!
  1. Hi Lisa, I too love the real book experience and ended up purchasing an ebook reader. I travel a whole lot and thought that it would be easier than lugging 2 to 3 books. Im telling you, the free books are awesome! Thanks for the post and for linking up at the Journeys of The Zoo bloglovin hop. See you next Thursday. :)
  2. I recently won a Kindle Fire and I am just waiting to get it. I love that I can get free books for it too. I do love books but it is cool that I can store many books on it.