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Find the Perfect Prom Dress with JenJenHouse

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Prom season is just around the corner, and finding the perfect dress is priority number one!  Perfect style, perfect color, and perfect price: all are priorities for daughter and mom.  I remember the excitement of shopping with my daughter; looking for the prom dress.  Now, shopping online adds a wonderful new choice for prom shoppers, too!
JenJenHouse is an awesome online source for all your prom shopping needs!  They have all styles, colors, and sizes for every girls dream dress.  Whether you like a classic ball gown, a Greek princess, or anything in between, they have it!  I cant begin to list all the styles.  You'll love browsing their website!
The New Arrivals are some of my favorites.  The variety is amazing!  Every young lady will find something that suits her style.  Here are two examples:
Another wonderful feature of JenJenHouse is the choices they offer.  Many of these can be ordered in many different colors and fabrics.  The white dress above, can be ordered in 35 different colors!  It comes in size 2-16 and 16-26W.  You can also order in a custom size, but will have to wait a little longer for tailoring time.  To get a good fit, there is a size chart.  You can measure carefully each part of your body to get the best fit.
The peach dress comes in 32 different colors, and size 2-16.  It can be ordered in a custom size, with extra time for tailoring.  So, as you can see from these two examples, JenJenHouse offers a huge variety of sizes, colors and styles to choose from!  The only difficult part is choosing your favorite dress.  But, that is also fun.
One of the best features of JenJenHouse are the prices.  When you visit their website, the first thing you notice is the price of the dresses.  I purchased my daughters prom dress a few years back.  I paid $250 at a local retail store for a very beautiful gown.  The dresses at JenJenHouse are discounted much lower!  I wish I had known about JenJenHouse back then, so I could have saved money.  Visit JenJenHouse so that you can save money and make your daughter very happy and look very beautiful on her special prom night!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, and contains affiliate links.  All opinions in the post are 100% my own.

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