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Dei Fratelli Truly Tomato Review

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Real. Natural. Nothing Artificial

I was certainly excited to begin this review!  These Truly Tomato products could not look any better.  The bright and colorful packaging made me eager to cook something right away.  And, when I opened the first box the scent of vine-ripened tomatoes was amazingly wonderful!
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I grew up in the South, and loved the taste of fresh juiced tomatoes.  This Tomato Juice had the exact same smell and taste as home-fresh.  I also used this juice as a base in a delicious soup!  I just used the case of juice and added 2 Cups of water. I added 1 bag of frozen vegetables and simmered until done.  We topped with a little cheddar cheese. Yummy!
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Image SEO IMG_1471a little cheesy topping
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Next, I tried the Finely Chopped Tomatoes in my Chicken Stew Recipe.  I layered 6 boneless chicken thighs, and a bag of frozen stew vegetables.  Then, I poured in the Truly Finely Chopped Tomatoes.  I then poured in 1/2 carton of chicken broth.  I set the Crock-pot on high for 5 hours and then we enjoyed a delicious stew!  The tomatoes added just a Wonderful flavor!!!
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The recipe I made tonight was my families favorite!  We love to eat home-made pizza.  Tonight I made a Very Veggie Pizza and added the Petite Cut Tomatoes.
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Adding them before the cheese gave such a rich, fresh tomato flavor!  The entire family noticed the difference!  The pizza was wonderful!!!
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The special cartons used by Dei Fratelli  has a label called Field to Carton.  They get their tomatoes from family farms in the USA and pick them and process them quickly into the carton.  The Juices are not from concentrate, but are fresh.  The Juice containers have about 13 Tomatoes in each carton.
Image SEO IMG_1496a wonderful pizza
I would definitely recommend Dei Fratellis Truly Tomato products.  They're truly delicious!
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored.  Dei Fratelli provided  me with the Truly Tomato products to review.  No other compensation was offered.  The opinions are 100% my own.
  1. Thanks for the review! I love tomato juice. I also love using tomato juice in my vegetable beef soup and chili for extra flavor. This product seems so fresh! I will definitely be looking for it at the grocery store!
  2. Oh, so good looking, Ill be fixing something with tomatoes tonight. Thank for this review everything looks and sounds so good. TFS.
  3. What yummy looking recipes and a great new product(s) to try. Thank you for reviewing and sharing this product with us!
  4. I was just talking to a friend today about wanting to can tomatoes this fall because I dont want to eat tomatoes from a can any more. Now you have opened my world to tomatoes in a carton and I am so happy. Thank you for your post. I will be looking for Dei Fratelli Truly Tomato products this week!

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