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I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

Since I’m no longer taking a migraine preventive (Topamax), I’m always on the look-out for non-pharmaceutical ways to prevent or relieve my migraine headaches.   I suffer with extreme light-sensitivity and have headaches accompanied with blurry vision and auras.  Artificial light, and especially florescent lights make my eyes feel strained.

I was very excited to review a pair of migraine-glasses from Axon Optics.  I was allowed to select a pair to review from their many styles.  I selected a pair to be worn over my prescription glasses.  These particular glasses are called: Unisex CoverRX Lite.  They come in black or brown.  I got the brown pair, which are a very dark brown color.

They fit perfectly over my glasses, which have progressive lenses.  I immediately noticed the change in my eyes.  The sensitivity to light was gone and I could see much better.  This is because the CoverRX Lite lenses have Axon’s therapeutic FL-41.  This is used for eye protection with or without wearing my glasses.  The advanced protective coating prevents scratching, smudges and debris.

People with migraines usually have the symptom of light-sensitivity.  That’s why they go to rest in a dark room.  The Axon lenses with FL-41 filter out the light that causes light-sensitivity and migraines.  These special lenses are also great for people without migraines, but just have light-sensitive eyes.

Axon Optics has so many choices!  They have indoor lenses and outdoor lenses.  There is a difference between the two; the darker are for outside. But, they also have transitions lenses which are indoor tint and gradually become outdoor tint when you go outside into the sunshine.  This helps you to pick lenses that will respond best to what you need them for.

Prescription lenses are available in their glasses in single vision and readers.  This would prevent you from having to wear the CoverRX.  You could choose one of the other styles.  I love the CoverRX, because the wrap-around protection is what I need most.  If I ride in the car, sunlight from the sides of my glasses will give me a headache.  I’ve noticed that I get migraines when the sun filters through trees.  The wrap-around feature of the CoverRX prevents those headaches.

The Axon technology was developed by Dr. Bradley Katz, who is a neuro-opthalmologist. He and his colleagues began using research from the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah, to develop the best in light-sensitive eyewear.  They continue to do research in the area of light-sensitivity and have peer-reviewed published articles.

Other eye problems can be treated with Axon Optics glasses.  Blepharospasm is an eye condition related to the eye’s movements.  This disorder usually occurs in middle-aged women and they have a strong problem with bright lights.  These glasses were used in a research study of women with Blepharospasm.  The study showed that the Axon Optic lenses were more beneficial than sunglasses and also reduced symptoms.

Axon Optics also offers contact lenses in prescription or non-prescription.  They offer two color/style choices.  This helps you to keep your true eye color.  I would love to try these contacts!

Check out the wonderful variety of styles for men, women and children at AxonOptics.  The variety, quality and research behind the lenses makes AxonOptics an amazing place to get eyewear for light-sensitive and migraine sufferers.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  I was not compensated monetarily, but received the glasses to review.  The opinions are 100% my own.
@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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