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I'm always on the look out for new Christmas Books.  I love to give books to my nieces for their birthdays and Christmas.  Someday I plan to read many books to my grandchildren, too.  Iggy Loo is the type of book I'll want to give.

Iggy Loo banner

Iggy Loo has always lived in a snow-globe.  One day he has an adventure, and in the end learns a great lesson.  It's a charming book and the illustrations are gorgeous!  I hope you'll read it, too!

Author, Maria Ashworth, has written Iggy Loo for readers, 1-101 and you'll see why.  She has written other charming books that you can find on her website.  You can purchase these books at the following:  Barnes & Noble   Amazon  and local bookstores.

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You'll love connecting with Maria Ashworth:


Iggy Loo

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  1. Oh it looks adorable!! What a cute little tale for the Holidays and wintertime! I love the illustrations!

    1. Thanks, Amber. I know kids will love this book :)


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