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Field trips, field trips, field trips!  Homeschoolers spend a lot of time on field trips.  Most of the field trips we took were relatively close to home.  Doing field trips farther from home costs more money, because of hotels and gas.

Homeschool Virtual Field Trips

We always tried to combine trips farther from home with as many educational journeys as possible.  This was easy to do because we were all history lovers, and there are historical venues everywhere!

But, when you are learning about places very far from home, virtual field trips can be taken.  Virtual field trips can offer the next-best-thing when you are learning about great places.  With the explosion of internet learning sites, we also can discover many links to virtual field trips.

African Elephants

Most of these sites are designed for teachers, so they provide lesson plans, too.  What more could you want?  These great sites can help you plan your lesson or unit study.  If you already have a plan, you can integrate these video field trips into your lesson.

Having pictures and videos will add so much more to the learning experience for your child.  They'll remember the information easier when they have visual experiences and memories.

Roman Ruins

Check out the links below to see if you want to take a Virtual Field Trip adventure!

education world









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