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Are you on the hunt for checks and love to find great deals?  Then, you should check out Checks Unlimited and Designer Checks!  They have just about anything that you'll be passionate about in their huge design choices!

I'll share a few of the really great ones here, and you can also look at more HERE.

Here are some great discounts, too.  Save money on checks with these discount codes.  Just click through to save on your next purchase.

Designer Checks - 69% off - Free Lettering, Free Labels, Free S&H. Code 43P7

Designer Checks Free Labels with 2 or 4 Box Order 9GCQ

Designer Checks 30% Off Accessories + Free Shipping TXZRDesigner Checks BOGO - 2 Boxes for 1 + Free Shipping 8KMFDesigner Checks $6.99/Box. Free Lettering, Labels and Free Shipping & Handling 43P7Designer Checks $5.50/Box. Free Lettering and Free Shipping & Handling BNTR

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. I love to pick out new and cute designs for my checks; I figure if I have to use them to pay bills they might as well make me smile.

  2. These look nice! I don't use checks anymore but I used to love using ones with fun designs!

    1. Yes, they seem to make it easier paying the bills :)


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