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Does your dog's bed look worn out?  Archie really "loved" his bed when he was a younger pup.  He loved it to death.  He's also outgrown his soft little bed.  I think Christmas might be the perfect time to give him a new bed!


I'm thrilled to find the choices at FurHaven Pet Products.  The prices look reasonable and I love that they offer so many things for pet owners.  The choices in beds is huge: Sofa beds, waterproof beds, Orthopedic beds, Memory Top beds, beds that fit in crates.....What to choose?

Pet Bed Sale! 40% off Limited time only using code "Pet40"

The Memory Top Comfy Couch with Faux Fur looks perfect for Archie!  He loves soft things and he can cuddle up to the "arm rests" surrounding the couch.  Wow!  Which bed would suit your dog?

Comfy Couch
All photos from FurHaven

Does your dog or cat like to snuggle under the covers?  They would love the Snuggery Burrow Bed!  It has removable/washable covers and comes in different colors.  It also comes in sizes for large or small pets.

Some pets like to snuggle with blankets and would like the hood effect.

Snuggery Bed

Others would prefer the hood up.  The beds come with a plastic hoop to add, if your pet likes the hood up. FurHaven has really thought of everything.

Brown Sunggery Bed

Now, if you have a cat and would like to keep them busy, you might select a cat house.  FurHaven has so many cat houses to select.  They have cat hammocks, cat playgrounds, scratchers, and window-perches.  Check out the Deluxe Playground for Cats with IQ Busy Box!

Cat Playground

Here's the Hammock

Cat Hammock

I love the accessories at Furhaven.  The Safety LED Light-Up Collar is just one of my new favorites.  The collar will be great for winter months, when it gets dark so early.  The Collar comes in four different colors and four different sizes!  You'll find one for any dog.

LED Collar

Another product that would be helpful for traveling or any time, is the Water Bottle with Dish.  I would love to have this in the car when Archie gets thirsty.  No more spills with this Water bottle.  It comes in four great colors, too.

Water Dish

Do you use plastic fencing to block certain rooms from your pet?  Why not upgrade with beautiful fencing that extends to 48" and really improves your home decor.  There are two choices: pecan or mahogany. 

Mahogany Gate

Pecan Gate

There are so many wonderful products for your pets at FurHaven.  See if there's something that you want to put in your pet's stocking this Christmas. Shop Here - Furhaven Pet Products, Inc. 

Save 40% on all Pet Beds for a limited time with Code: Pet40

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I can use this info with my fairly new lab we have now! Woo Hoo!

  2. Hi Lisa--

    I just learned earlier today that my mother will soon need to make some tough decisions about her dog's medical care. Sally was rescued during a puppy mill raid, and then adopted by my mom. Because she didn't receive proper medical/veterinary attention as a puppy, Sally developed all kinds of health problems later in life. I think she's about 11 years old now, and she's really been struggling during the past year or so.

    Thank you so much for sharing this promo code. When used with the site's reasonable prices, I'll be able to afford a nice gift for Sal. :)


    1. I'm so glad that you can use the code to make your dog happy! Thanks for sharing, Ann :)

  3. Would be nice.. if only my cat didn't sleep everywhere

  4. Look at those comfy pet beds!! I remember spoiling my pup on Christmas! They are one of the family too of course :)

  5. I love that cat tower! My cats will be getting one for Christmas as theirs is a bit little and they fight over it.


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