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Sponsored post by Personalogy.  Affiliate link is included. Although I was compensated for this review, all opinions are 100% my own.

This is the time of year for entertaining.  There are so many parties to host and attend.  Do you want to liven up your party this season with a fun game?  Check out Personalogy!


I was throwing a Tree-Trimming party this year, because it's no fun decorating all by yourself.  My children are grown, and the party is a fun way to decorate and entertain, too.  I did a little of the work myself.  I put the artificial tree together and started adding the lights.

To  make the night fun, I prepared some really easy but fun foods.  This was perfect for a cold day, and I know my guests love to eat.  Party foods don't have to take a lot of time to be enjoyed and 
appreciated by the guests.  Adding a few carols in the background, and everyone will be merry.


Getting everyone to help decorate the tree is easy after some good food.  Even the guys got into the festivities!  They don't normally want to put ornaments on the tree, but tonight they are glad to help.

Men decorate

Decorating the tree was finished quickly with all the extra hands to participate.  The help was great for me, but the fellowship was truly sweet.  After they helped me, I wanted to have some laughs.  We got out the game, Personalogy!

Personalogy is a fun game!  It's a great type of game to play when you want an instant ice-breaker.  It's the perfect game to play for any kind of party: Christmas, New Years Eve, Girls Night Out, or even when you're traveling.


I love the small box that contains the question cards.  It's just the right size for carrying in my purse for fun on the go.  This game is for adults, but there is also a children's version called Personalogy Family Fun Game.

Personalogy is a multiple choice, entertaining card game.  Some of the questions are thought-provoking and many are silly.  As you play it, you may be surprised at some answers that you hear.  You'll get to know your fellow game-players a little bit better.

sample card

The players have to predict their opponents answers and explain why you think they will have that answer.  The Rules have three versions to play this game: No Scoring, Game-On, and Lightning Round.  I prefer the No Scoring, but the other versions get more rowdy.


For the competitive version (Game-On) the Rules state: Choose the most Hilarious Person to go first.  He picks a card and reads it aloud.  He then predicts how many people will match his answer.  If he's right, then he'll get that many points (3 people = 3 points).  Then you go around and let everyone have a turn.  Someone will need to keep score.


It's not as easy as it looks, but it sure can be eye-opening and funny!  I think my family (adult children) will enjoy playing this game with us.  But, you never know, they might predict our answers.  Can you predict who would be the most competitive person in your party?

You might want to follow Personalogy on Facebook, Twitter, or InstagramYou can purchase the game at Amazon. 

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. This does sound like a fun game, and I love it isn't too easy. And probably many unpredictable answers!!


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