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The Olympic Games will soon begin!  Adding the Olympics to your Homeschool lesson plans is a terrific way to wake up your kids in February!  Don't let winter get them bored with the same lessons.  You can add the Olympics into your homeschool in many different ways.

Some of you may ditch your regular lesson plans and just focus on how to learn during the Olympics with a huge Unit Study.  This enables your family to really dive in deep to the spirit of the Olympics and take a break from regular studies.


You can also just incorporate the games into your regular lessons, by finding appropriate lessons or activities that will fit in with what you are already studying.  This could mean that your Geography lessons will be more fun than usual, and you may be able to really know where some tiny countries are and more about their culture.

We always had fun drawing or coloring the various flags from the parade.  It's also a great idea to have Olympic Dinners, eating meals from different countries.  But, there are many more lesson ideas which can be found online.

These first two links are directed to the Olympic.org site and there is so much there to help you introduce your children to the Olympics.  Then, I've provided some of my favorite links to help you make your homeschool lessons exciting during the Olympic Games this year!


Ancient Olympic Games


Teaching Games based on the Olympics - Education world

Winter Olympics Activities

    Like, designing an Olympic Stamp: complete with printable design template

Follow the Torch

Lots of Lesson Ideas and HUGE List of books about the Olympics

360 Science Videos: Science behind the Olympic Events

TEAM USA Youtube Website

Printable Coloring Sheets of the Mascots, Rings, Medals, and Torches

Free Printable Coloring Christian Sheets

More Coloring Sheets

Curriculum being used in Korea to teach students about the Olympic Games (translatable)

2-3 grade Olympic Word Search

Idea for Charting the Medals

Winter Vocabulary Printable Cards K-3

Cookies from Around the World

All of these activities and lessons can be fun to use in your homeschool.  Find ones that work for your child's age.  The most fun we've had was watching the games together as a family.  It's easy to get caught up in the competitive sports, but you can also learn while you're watching and cheering.


Take the time to ask your children questions about the athletes and their countries.  Point out the flag and watch the medal ceremonies, where you can hear the national anthems of other countries.  It opens great opportunities to discuss being a good sport, whether winning or losing.

I hope you enjoy the Olympics this year.  I know we will at our home, and we'll enjoy learning about places we don't know much about.  That's what makes the Olympics fun for all ages!
@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. Ashley Chassereau ParksJanuary 27, 2018 at 8:16 PM

    I never thought to include the Olympics in our curriculum, but I think my kids would love that! They have been asking about it & I know I would learn a lot too! The science ideas would definitely be a hit!

    1. I'm sure they'll love it :) My kids always looked forward to doing Olympic unit studies/activities!

  2. This is a fantastic idea. There are so many different things to see and learn about!

    1. True! I love the human-interest interviews. You can learn so much about the different cultures :)

  3. I would never have though about the olympics as part of home schooling. Now that i do I can think of a lot of different things that would be fun for the kids

    1. Yes, it opens up discussions about different cultures, weather, and it's current! :)

  4. Oh yes! We have often stopped our regular schooling just to watch the Olympics. We read books about the various sports, the host country and some of the more famous players. We try new foods from the different countries, keep track of the medal counts using tally marks, and color in flags. It's wonderful!

    1. Oh, that sounds like so much fun!!! We loved doing many of these, too :) It's a great time of learning!

  5. What a fun way to connect the Olympics to learning!

  6. That is actually a really clever idea. I am sure there are so many things that could be learned and so many topics covered that all revolve around the Olympics!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think that there are endless possibilities. :)

  7. what a wonderful ideal,,i would have never thought of this ,thanks

  8. I LOVE this site. SO many great ideas. I am going to use all of these!!!


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