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A universal problem for homeschoolers is the shortage of home book shelves.  Another problem we all face is budgeting for all the books we want to purchase.  The solution can be found at your public library.

Like you, I love the library!  Homeschoolers spend time there for many reasons.  I've found 50 great reasons you should spend time in your local library.  What is your favorite library feature?


1. Check out books
2. Find discounts or free passes for local museums
3. Check out microscope
4. Check out Toy Kits
5. Story times
6. STEAM or STEM classes
7. Book clubs - age or genre divisions
8. Film series
9. Good place for older children to volunteer
10. Meeting rooms to use
11. Check out Nature Kits
12. Used-Book Sales
13. Check out Music
14. Check out Videos
15. Check out Audio Books
16. Resource Books
17. Moms can read books on "How to Homeschool" or research educational topics


18. Check out Computer games
19. MANGO foreign language
20. Musical performances
21. Dramas
22. Cliff Notes
23. E Books
24. Inter-Library Loan
25. Place Books on hold
26. Check out cameras
27. Bulletin Boards: find information about local plays, art, music, book signings, lectures, tutors,       testing information, co-op group info
28. Computer classes
29. Test Prep books or classes
30. Summer Reading Program
31. Playroom or Play Area for little ones
32. Free WiFi
33. Arts and Crafts Classes
34. Chess club
35. Career Day
36. Sign Language classes


37. Magazines/Journals
38. Maps
39. Elementary Database
40. Check out Curriculum
41.Check out Money Kit
42. Little Pim foreign language
43. Newspapers for current event reports and more
44. Classes: taxes, finance, budgeting, etc
45. Photography Classes
46. Writing workshops
47. Print/Copy
48. 3-D Printer
49. Classes: Genealogy
50. Check out iPads or other tablets

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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