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Extra-curricular activity choices for homeschool kids are increasing all the time.  When I began homeschooling, living in a small town, there were very few group activities to join.  Now, you don't have to live in a big city to be overwhelmed with choices for your kids.

Since sports for homeschoolers are well-known and promoted, I'm going to focus on non-athletic activities.  I'm certainly not against playing sports, and my children played most of them.  But, I would like to point out some other fun and educational opportunities.


1. Music
    Music includes: Singing, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Private Lessons, Group Lessons
    Music training/education is proven to benefit children in many ways, including intelligence.  I'm 
    partial to music, because my first degree is in music.  At various times, my children enjoyed every
    one of these categories.


2. Drama
    Drama can include: Co-Op Drama groups, Community theater classes and productions, and more 
    advanced training/acting.  My child enjoyed acting in a local Co-Op play.  It turned out to be a very
    positive experience and she made many new friends.


3. Art
    Art can include: Art classes, Arts and Crafts groups/classes, Community Art classes, and private
    study.  You might find classes in your Park & Rec. department, Fine Arts organizations, Summer 
    Camps, Art Gallery classes/exhibits, and Private Pottery stores.


4. Cook
    Cooking is a wonderful skill that is important for children to learn.  Many times, Co-Ops will have
    a cooking class or group.  Cooking clubs or classes can be found at your local Park and Rec. and 
    online.  You could even start one for your homeschool group.


5. Sew
    Sewing can include: Basic-Advanced sewing, knitting, and other creative pursuits.  
    Sewing is a skill that isn't used as much as it was in the past.  Fabric stores, quilting stores, and 
    private teachers offer sewing lessons.  


6. Photography
Photography is a fun and creative activity.  Photography classes can sometimes be found at your local Park and Rec. Dept. Private photography classes can be found through Art foundations or with private instructors.


7. Dance
    Dance can include any style of dance instruction.  Many children study: ballet, tap, jazz, modern,
    Irish Step, country, ballroom, and others.  My child took dance lessons for many years.  Her 
    favorites were ballet and Irish Step.  This is a very physical activity and provides many physical
    benefits.  It also helps with creativity, good behavior, and self-esteem. 


8. Clubs
    Clubs can include: Book clubs, Debate, Chess, 4H, Scouts, Nature, Religious, Academic teams,
    and Service clubs.  My children participated in: book, debate, chess, and religious clubs.  Religious
    clubs, such as Awana, offered wonderful chances to memorize Scripture.  Chess clubs made 
    playing chess fun and competitive.  Book clubs offered great social experiences as well as 
    improvement in their reading comprehension abilities.  Debate club provided a huge boost in
    academic preparation for college, working in groups, competition and social fun.  The focus
    on research and presentations really helped the child be ready for college classes.

I love all of these ideas and you may have some awesome ones that worked great in your homeschool family.  What were your favorites?  If you live in an area that doesn't offer an activity that your child is interested in, create it yourself.  Many homeschool parents create a group, because it will be helpful to their child.  It's easy to do that, too.  Advertise it through your local groups and have a blast!
@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. My kids love chess and checkers. At an outdoor mall here this is a large chess game and board set up and my kids always enjoy playing it, always a joy watching them. They are actually really good at it, impressed with how they picked it up and went with it.

    1. We love those, too. My youngest beats me at checkers every time. Those large chess sets are so cool! I'm glad you're kids are enjoying winning matches there. 😃


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