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When’s the last time you spent time outdoors as a FAMILY?

Couch potatoes.

That’s what we were before learning to love nature. We spent more time indoors than out,

and I knew that it was time for a change. I know, I know...we are all busy.  From work,

commitments, and appointments, our schedules are jam packed from sun up to sun down.

The good news? There’s an easy solution for that feeling of being overwhelmed. And it

really is just learning to get into nature. My friends Kara and Thena have put together a

Back to Nature” workshop to help all families no matter your outdoor experience level of

your family or the ages of your children. You’ll learn about fun games and activities to play,

and ways to enjoy camping and nature! And best of all, it will increase your time spent

together too.

Re-program your family to get away from the electronics and BACK TO NATURE!

Click here to register for this completely free challenge CLICK HERE
@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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