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Simple living begins in the mind.  Feeling the exhaustion from living in a pressure cooker could bring about a desire to escape a stressful way of life.  When the mind is fed up, the next step is to look for a better way.

Simple Life

There are so many ways that we can get caught up in a rat race.  Careers, activities, and money easily sidetrack a simple life.  Wanting to have a Pinterest or Instagram-perfect home or fashion can take all your time and energy. 

Desiring a major change can lead the mind into a place where the simple life becomes a much more attractive alternative.  Having lived long enough to understand that all is vanity, I've let myself imagine the peaceful charm of a simple life.

Often, our imagination views things through rose-colored glasses.  It's important to guide our thinking to be more realistic.  Another consideration is the variety of ways to define simple living

Simple living means different things to different people and can be relative based on the baseline level of your present way of life.  What is your picture of a simple life?


I grew up in a small town that was rural and slow-paced.  Others have grown up in large cities with a totally different pace of living.  No matter where you start, there will be downsizing in order to achieve a Simple Life.

Simple living could be living off the grid, downsizing your responsibilities and belongings, or just cutting out the things in your life that cause undue stress.  In other words, stop and smell the roses.

So, whether you are thinking about adopting a life of minimalism or just want less clutter on your calendar, planning for Simple Living can really pay off.
@2019, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. Downsizing my life was actually not my choice at first but it is so less stressful now. And that is just the tip of the ice berg. I would love to be able to move from a big city area to a small town.

    1. I'm glad that you've been able to achieve a less stressful life!

  2. Life doesn't always have to be a never ending pursuit of something society tells we want. I think that you empower your life by having realistic achievable goals, and values.

  3. We've cut out on a lot of things to make life more simple. It's certainly more enjoyable that way!


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