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Everywhere I turn, someone reminds me to stay hydrated.  Even though I know all the proof about drinking enough water and the health benefits, it's still hard for me to drink all the water I need.

Instead of carrying around a huge jug of water, there is now a better way to reach optimal hydration.  Hydrant is a unique blend of ingredients that help your cells to absorb water more efficiently.  Just think about how easy it will be to stay hydrated!  We don't have to think about the science behind Hydrant to receive improved hydration.  To get hydrated and the added health benefits,  just drink Hydrant in the morning and before bedtime.

Happy to bring you this sponsored information and savings code. Affiliate link included. All opinions are my own.  Disclosure tab is above.

Look at these beautiful flavors!  I can't wait to try the pink grapefruit flavor.  As pretty as the Lime and Grapefruit packets are, I'm so much more impressed by the all-natural, vegan ingredients.  A biologist at Oxford developed the Hydrant electrolyte drink mix.  The Optimal Hydration Mix is great because when we're hydrated it can prevent the fatigue that 75% of us experience, due to dehydration.

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I'm thrilled to offer you dear readers a huge discount on Hydrant!  This savings deal is valid through May 31, 2019.  Order Hydrant through my link and you can save 33% off with this code:

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  1. I haven’t heard of this but I definitely want to try it! I would try the lime.

  2. Quite neat, nice way to refuel after an exercise session too

  3. those sounds really awesome,i love the flavors

  4. I'm not clear on how this works. I'm very good about drinking water all day. I just like it.


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